Houstonian Club initiation fees are increasing October 17, 2017

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The class consists of mandatory cardio for half the class time, and non-stop free weights for the other half of class.  Each class contains 6-23 people.  You are supervised by 1-3 trainers (depending on your class size) at all times. They will provide instruction during both cardiovascular and weight training.  You will work with registered and licensed dietician Denise Hernandez.  You are expected to record your food daily in an online food journal so that you can get feedback about your food choices and receive helpful suggestions to achieve a balanced diet. We have 30 minutes lectures each week.  After we establish nutritional basics, lectures will focus on many topics, including lifestyle modification and helpful information to establish a permanent lifestyle change.  On lecture days, we do a higher intensity cardio/drill workout in the indoor basketball court or a workout upstairs for the remainder of your time.

What is included? 
The program price includes a before and after fitness assessment using the INBODY system, a RSU nutrition and exercise book which is built upon each week with new lectures, and a metabolic rate test that will measure the amount of calories you burn at rest.  You will receive expert training equal to three hours per week and nutrition guidance for the length of the program. You will also receive a white key tag that gives you 15% off of Houstonian Lite Bites for the duration of the program, a one-time 20% coupon off your entire purchase to The Houstonian Sports Shop, RSU merchandise*, and an client appreciation Lite Bite party at the end of the session* (if applicable).

If space allows, non-members are allowed to participate one time per year.

Don’t Wait!
RSU has had phenomenal success in changing thousands of peoples' lives over the years. Due to the consistent popularity of our program, a waiting list is an almost a certainty.  If you are ready to permanently change your life, this is the program for you.