So far, 2016 hasn't been able to keep up with last year's torrid pace of openings, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. After all, some people are still catching up on trying the best new restaurants of 2015, but it also means that restaurants that might have otherwise been overlooked are getting some attention.

Consider this month's list of dining options, which includes restaurants in Katy, Sugar Land, west Houston, and Chinatown in addition to the usual Montrose/Heights/downtown spots. These restaurants serve as a reminder that taking a little time to explore beyond the Beltway usually yields positive results. 

As always, these are ordered roughly in the order in which I think you should try them, but when the options range from a Korean fried chicken restaurant to a reinvigorated Mexican seafood restaurant and an upscale Chinese restaurant, anyone should be able to find something that piques his or her fancy.

Manor House
After 30 years, this intimate restaurant on the grounds of the Houstonian hotel is now open to the general public for lunch. The menu is classic Creole; just think of it as an alternative to Brennan's for people who work near The Galleria. Chef Neal Cox and his team get all the details right on dishes like crawfish bisque,  lemon sole Meuniere, and snapper Ponchartrain. Just dress up a bit to fit in with the elegant atmosphere of the John Staub-designed home. After all, if President George H.W. Bush decides to pay a visit to his former home, you'll want to look your best.   

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