Houston has no shortage of top-notch accommodations, though only a few share a past rich enough to deem them a tourist destination in themselves. These four classic H-Town hotels are worth a visit, whether you’re staying the night or just in search of local oddities. 


For more than a decade, the 18-acre, Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa served as the formal residence of President George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara, while Bush Senior served as vice president and president (1981-1992). The pair stayed at the property 10 to 15 times each year and, although they did sleep in The Manor House before it became the property's private restaurant, the Bush family later moved to room 271 so the President could be more easily guarded and the Secret Service could room above and below. The room was later expanded to include four regular rooms, with two living rooms and two bedrooms - all customized with personal touches and monogrammed towels (compliments of The Houstonian). The Manor House, which had been open only to members of the Houstonian, is now open to the public for lunch. Guests can see the Botanic Room, where the G-7 Summit Treaties were signed and where then-Secretary of State James Baker and Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Scheverdnadze met to discuss defense treaties.

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