HOUSTON- If you want to have a relaxing moment, the Houstonian has just the treatment for you.

It's what some VIPs will do this week before heading out to party. It's called the Instant Glow

"It's a 15-20 minute treatment," said Renae Cassam, Trellis Spa Director. "If you're rushing from one party to another or you had a late Friday night and you've got another party on Saturday, it's perfect."

The Instant Glow is a 3-step program "that will make you look like you had a great night sleep," said Josanna Gayther, educator and aesthetic director at the Trellis Spa

The first step is exfoliation, the second for "hydration and luminosity," and the third step "provides a lot of firming and repair and lifting."

Facials at the Houstonian run, on the high end, about $300. Hors d'oeuvres are included but not champagne.

The Trellis Spa is 17,000 square feet and has 21 treatment rooms.