The Mindful Touch

This treatment begins with an immersive virtual reality video and an audio that invites the client to focus on their breathing and body sensations. It instantly immerses the customers into a state of mindfulness that allows them to fully enjoy the physical nuances of the treatment through the senses, release tension and reconnect with themselves. Once the short film is finished, the session continues with a delicate voice-over that helps the clients anchor themselves in the present moment and to experience the massage or facial with absolute intensity.

Mindful Touch Deep Tissue Massage, 100 Minutes $300
Mindful Touch Swedish Massage, 100 Minutes $280
Mindful Touch Facial, 80 Minutes $240

Instant Glow Facial

For radiant skin in record time. It’s a fast, triple treatment for face and décolleté with three ampules that exfoliate, brighten and lift. This mini lift reveals incredibly smooth, luminous skin in minutes, eliminating signs of fatigue for an evening party or special night out.
Effects last for up to eight hours
Fights jet lag on the skin
Enhances make-up and provides an even base for a perfect finish
Suitable for all skin types and ages
Perfect for brides’ skin before applying makeup
Ideal size for travel
$85 for the 25 minute facial at Trellis Spa. Trellis recommends first treatment with a provider for tips about application at home, followed by makeup application if desired.