Don’t Leave Your Performance to Chance
NFL prospects that train with Ben Fairchild and his team of performance enhancement experts at The Houstonian Club receive the detailed attention necessary to take them to the pinnacle of athletic achievement. Our program uses a comprehensive and assertive method of performance enhancement, specific to the NFL Combine, including:

  • Reducing 40-yard dash times
  • Increasing vertical jumps
  • Increasing number of bench press reps
  • Enhancing footwork and agility

Exercise, Nutrition, Psychology, Film Study and More
The NFL Draft Preparation Program at The Houstonian Club takes a well-rounded approach to performance enhancement. Our program values detail, addressing every factor contributing to performance enhancement. Whether a defensive tackle needs to lose body fat and improve quickness to react off the snap, or a wide receiver needs to add muscle mass and gain explosive power to get off of the line, our individualized approach yields the desired result. Exercise is just the beginning of what the athlete can receive as part of this complete package.

Psychological Preparation
Equally important to the physical preparation is readying the mind. This is why we offer the use of a sports psychologist. This service can be used to prepare players for the Wonderlick Test, a mental aptitude test given to all Combine participants.

When enduring the rigorous physical training necessary to take a player to the top of his game, quick recovery is a must. Trellis, The Spa at The Houstonian, offers a variety of services, including deep tissue sports massages that players can take advantage of after a long day of physical exertion.