Natura Bissé

La Alternativa
The non-invasive wrinkle relaxing solution. Our La Alternativa treatment uses Natura Bissé’s exclusive INHIBIT COLLECTION. Targeted ingredients in the line dramatically reduce expression lines and wrinkles, leaving the face smooth and rejuvenated. INHIBIT is THE anti-wrinkle treatment formulated with Natura Bissé’s own Octamioxyl ingredient, which is the most effective inhibitor of facial contractions, and a Lipofiller complex that fills existing deep wrinkles and expression lines.  

50 minutes $160

Diamond Life Infusion

Unprecedented "Youth Elixir" that provides unparalleled skin rejuvenating effects focused on the science of Skin Age Biomarkers and specific massage techniques. This intensive treatment ensures brighter, firmer, noticeably younger-looking skin. A global skin rejuvenation that restores the youthful definition of the facial contours, improves skin texture and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles in just one session.

80 minutes $280

Diamond Experience
This luxurious facial combines sophisticated ingredients with anti-aging properties to penetrate the deepest layer, bringing the necessary firmness to help the skin regenerate itself. The diamond experience multisensorial lifting treatment reinforces your skin's natural defenses, allowing it to maintain hydration and improving elasticity. These active ingredients act more on the surface of the skin for a lifting and brightening effect.

80 minutes $240

Diamond White
A treatment that effectively evens skin tone with high concentrations of revolutionary active ingredients, preventing the skin from aging due to pigmentation disorders. The application of a powerful peeling with AHA's combined with carboxitherapy deeply renews the skin thanks to its effective and long-lasting exfoliation action, which eliminates dark spots at different levels. Then, a powerful anti-spot concentrate promotes the elimination of hyperpigmentation effectively reducing dark spots of different sizes and intensity. It prevents the formation of new areas with uneven pigmentation. An illuminating veil provides a long lasting sense of well-being to the skin. Finally, a soothing mask reveals an extremely even complexion without imperfections.

50 minutes $190

The Cure with extractions
A thoroughly cleansing protocol with cutting-edge thermo active enzymatic detoxification, which uses enzymes to open and soften the pores, while refreshing botanical elements close and purify them. Extractions are expertly performed through a nearly imperceptible Extraction Technique, while the deliciously foamy nano-stimulation mask effectively moisturizes, soothes and revitalizes the skin. The final touch is a tinted hydrating veil that provides a radiant and luminous appearance.

50 minutes $140

Vitamin C
Give your skin a boost of energy with 100% pure Vitamin C. This antioxidant treatment relieves sun-damaged skin and helps fight the signs of premature aging. A reparative serum, containing a high concentration of Vitamin C, is formulated to improve appearance and stimulate collagen production to renew skin’s firmness. Vitamin C provides an extraordinary experience for your skin by drenching it with essential vitamins and nutrients, leaving skin nourished and revitalized.

50 minutes $150

Oxygen Awakening
Infuse every pore with a blast of pure O2xygen. Perfect for Big City folks, frequent flyers, and smokers, this facial treatment reduces the evident signs of epidermal congestion from exposure to toxins and pollutants. Our light-as-air formula penetrates the skin and releases pure O2xygen molecules into the epidermal layer to re-energize natural cellular functions and eliminate toxins. A deep O2xygenation and breathing massage further decongests the body and mind.

50 minutes $150

Age-Defying Face
Hit reverse on the aging process! Sagging skin, fine lines and a dull tone are often tied to maturing skin. The Age-Defying Facial is all about active ingredients to zero-in on these stubborn signs of aging. Targeted ingredients such as key amino acids, A-E-C Vitamins and Isoflavones work deep within the skin to compensate for the visible effects of hormonal deficiencies. This structural repair treatment addresses the underlying problems of ageing at the skins cellular level by reactivating healthy cell functions and nourishing you skin’s cells with their most basic needs. The result is instantly firmer, glowing skin.

50 minutes $150

Ceutical Facial
Specifically designed for sensitive skin, this powerful treatment combines repairing ingredients that work to visibly improve skin congestion and redness with the highly effective phyto-therapeutic extracts that soften and reinforce the skin against inflammation. It restors the levels of young collagen and protects the skin from extrenal aggressors. This luxury facial will restore the true health and beauty of your skin. This facial is excellent for teens.

50 minutes $150

Gents Facial
This stimulating treatment was specially designed for male skin to counteract the effects of under-eye circles, lack of time, stress and daily shaving which can result in dull, lifeless skin. Inspired by traditional barber techniques, this customized facial uses steaming towels to comfort the gentleman's skin and a stimulating facial massage to provide your skin with a clean, youthful appearance. The exclusive combination of highly effective products that adapt to the needs of each skin type and the comforting massages for the scalp, neck and shoulders will transport you to a state of profound relaxation.

50 minutes $150

A quick-pick-me-up to revitalize and refresh the skin, in a snap! Combining the latest trends of aesthetic medicine, carboxitherapy, advanced anti-aging ingredients, and four massage techniques, this short, yet powerful facial offers outstanding, rejuvenating results.

25 minutes $80

Carita Maison de Beauté

Sculpting Gold Perfection Facial
A truly indulgent experience combining performance and pleasure to rejuvenate the skin. Rich in essential minerals and detoxifying active ingredients the skin's metabolic activity is stimulated to erase imperfections; brighten complexion and smooth wrinkles.

50 minutes $160 

Trellis Signature Renovateur
This customized treatment is offered to hydrate the most "thirsty" skin. Featuring Le Renovateur, this unique facial massage utilizes roasted sunflower seeds and purifying essential oils to stimulate collagen production, purify the skin and promote a radiant complexion.

50 minutes $150
80 minutes with PRO-LIFT Machine $220

Nature, Decléor Paris

Trellis Signature Facial
This customized aromatherapy face treatment is adapted to your unique skin type to promote deep nourishment and hydration or to calm and soothe the skin.

50 minutes, Face $140
50 minutes, Back $140

Microdermabrasion Facial
This skin-freshening exfoliation technique helps repair aging or sun damaged facial skin. It stimulates regeneration of the outer layer, increasing skin's elasticity and collagen. For the best results, a series of treatments are recommended.

50 minutes $150
Series of six treatments $750

Trellis Mini Facial
Decléor Paris products provide a quick cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration treatment for the woman on-the-go.

25 minutes $75

Skin Care Enhancements

Age-Defying Lip & Eye
Are your eyes trying to tell you something? It’s time to pay more attention to the areas of your face that age first. Age-Defying Lip & Eye is an intense repair treatment formulated to restore firmness around the delicate eye and lip areas. This anti-wrinkle treatment infuses powerful restricting ingredients, such as collagen and elastin amino acids, directly into the skin. The result is a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and restored moisture and elasticity. For optimal results, add this treatment to any facial.

25 minutes $70
Added to a 50-minute facial $45

Huff the Puff
Illuminate your tired eyes. Are your late nights reflected in your dark, puffy eyes? If so, this is the treatment for you. Huff The Puff is a dramatically effective treatment that incorporates high concentrations of marine seaweed to help improve toxins and drainage. As a result, puffiness is reduced and the appearance of dark circles is diminished. For optimal results, add this treatment to any facial.

25 minutes $70
Added to a 50-minute facial $45

Trellis Peel
Peel-Mask-and-go! Using Decléor Paris products, you and your esthetician can choose the peel for your skin: Sensitive Skin Peel, Mature Skin Peel, Brightening Peel, Problem Skin Peel, Hydrating Peel, Vitamin C Peel.

25 minutes $75

Trellis Add-On Peel
Add a Decléor Paris or Natura Bissé glycolic peel to any 50 or 100-minute facial.

Decléor Paris Add-on $40
Natura Bissé Add-on $45